M I A   T H O M P S O N 

I’m a visual artist with a specific interest in fine art and documentary photography. The focus of my work revolves around portraiture and performance, as well as constructing psychological and sociological narratives. My work explores different aspects of my life such as relationships with my family and friends, alongside bringing to light realities that we often don’t want to accept or don’t even realise exist. My most recent photographic narratives have centred on looking at individuals lives and perspectives.


2019 | SELF, Fringe Arts Bath. 15 Bond Street .Group Show.

2019 | Object, Figure, Space. 44 AD Gallery. Group Show.

2020 |  The Pupil Sphere Graduate Showcase 2020. Group Show.

2020 | Photo Degree Show. Photograd. Group Show.


TogSpace | Rainflower- Mia Thompson. 2019.

Then There Was Us | AND | 2019. 

Photograd | PGZ2020 | 2020.

AOP | AOP Awards Book | 2020.

Pupil Sphere | 2020 | 2021.

Float Magazine | Annus Horribilis | 2021.

Pietro Daprano | The Importance of Self-knowledge | 2021.


AOP Students Awards 2020 | People Category | Finalist. 


Email: mia.charlotte.thompson@gmail.com

Instagram: @miacthompson